This lengthy and laborious process is exhausting enough - even without a potential economic recession and talent-constrained market looming.

The demands placed on legal departments are enormous during an economic downturn, while corresponding budgets are not. How can you build the legal team you need when the numbers are not in your favor?

Our newest white paper explores key 2023 trends, budgeting models, and cost saving tips to help you make every budgeted dollar go further.

This paper covers:

  • Budgeting Models: PBB, ZBB, and ABB
  • How Transitioning from Fixed to Flexible Enables GCs
  • The Playbook: How to Implement ABB in 2023
  • Agility-Based Forecasting
  • The Playbook Part 2: How to Implement ABF in 2023
  • When to Start: Now
2023 Legal Budgeting: Budget Building for a (Potential) Recessionary Economy

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