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Corporate Investigations X-Factors
Examining the evolving landscape and emerging methods in responding to regulatory inquiries and fraud investigations.
Businesses who operate globally are facing arguably the most turbulent season of modern history. In the midst of massive change on many fronts, corporations must continue to respond to governance, risk and compliance obligations, whistleblowers, internal probes and regulatory inquiries.

Emerging data types, distributed evidence, co-mingling of personal and corporate information, and regulatory uncertainty are complicating investigations workflows. In this uncertain environment, maintaining rigor and defensibility across investigations practices will require a refresh of traditional methodologies.

This paper will discuss the state of investigations, and emerging X-factors that are poised to alter them. It will cover FTI Consulting’s unique methodology for approaching today’s investigations, key complexities corporations need to keep in mind and what’s on the horizon for the remainder of, and beyond, the current crises.

Corporate Investigations X-Factors

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